An elliptical trainer, also known as a cross trainer, is a machine that you can use in order to simulate the burn that you'd normally get from running up and down the stairs. Because of the nature of movement that the machine allows, some people value the cross trainer for allowing them to be able to get the same burn that they would from running without having to worry about damage to their joints of cartilage. The elliptical has been gaining a significant amount of popularity in the recent years, perhaps even enough to make fitness aficionados begin to move away from the tried and true treadmill. The elliptical is, essentially, a way to engage in cardiovascular exercise in a non-impact fashion. By removing the severity of impact from the workout, you lessen the risk that the benefits of your workout are going to be counteracted by cramped joints, knee damage, or a badly placed step.


what is an elliptical machine

The elliptical trainer was first introduced to the commercial market in the 1990s. In the primary phases of its design, the elliptical had a more stocky and compact design than what most people are familiar with today. The plans for the elliptical were inspire when Larry D. Miller, a representative of Precor Incorporated, observed the way that his daughter's feet hit the ground as she ran alongside his car. Miller noticed that the human foot moves in an elliptical fashion when a person runs. The elliptical motion of a running human's foot, as he observed with his daughter, is what the elliptical machine is ultimate modeled after. In a sense, you could say that the elliptical machine's motion is made in a fashion that is ergonomically modeled after the natural flow of real human muscles. The elliptical machine not only exercises your lower body, but is also useful for providing the upper body with a relatively sufficient workout as well.

Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine

The Sole Fitness E25 Elliptical Machine is made for those just getting into the market for elliptical machines. The machine's flywheel weighs in at nineteen pounds, designed with such a weight to increase the smoothness of performance. The machine also features a power wheel function in order to add on additional levels of resistances so that all of the targeted muscle groups are working to the fullest while the workout is in session. The display of the elliptical is an aesthetically pleasing, LCD display; the displays used so that the owner is able to track their distance, calories burned, time spent working out and resistance. The sound system of the machine is fully integrated, and the foot pedals are built to be very large and accommodating of all different sizes of users that will be using them. In a further measure of convenience, the machine comes with a fully integrated cooling system that allows the use to remain as cool as they need to be while running in order to avoid becoming overheated.