The most common options of home exercise equipment today include treadmills and elliptical machines. Both have their advantages, and the choice of the best equipment in every case is rather individual. In this article we will look into the benefits of elliptical machines, comparing them to treadmills.

Why Do People Prefer Elliptical Machines?

An elliptical machine (a cross-trainer, X-trainer) is a stationary piece of equipment, stimulating leg and arm movement, similar to those you do while walking, running or climbing, while causing no extra pressure to the joints. This trainer works according to a very simple principle, understandable to both teenagers and older people. Besides, X-trainers are provided with a full array of additional benefits, listed below.

8 Arguments For Elliptical Machine Vs Treadmill

  1. A cross-trainer presents an excellent training opportunity, even for the individuals, who are very far from sport and have no background in physical activity.
  2. If you are not good at running since school, opt for an elliptical machine. Its undeniable plus is that it requires no particular skills at all.
  3. Work-outs on elliptical machines mimic the natural movements of thighs, knee and ankle joints, like during walking or jogging, however, this equipment doesn't affect the joints, unlike a treadmill, and can be used by older people and those who have problems with lower back, knees an thighs. X-trainers offer a very soft and smooth movement technique, absolutely harmless for health.
  4. With most models of elliptical machines you can practice reverse pedaling which provides more versatile workouts for calf and hamstring muscles than forward running on a treadmill.
  5. Compared to treadmills, X-trainers offer better exercise for your arms and upper body thanks to movable upper body poles, resembling ski poles.
  6. An elliptical machine is more compact than a treadmill, which makes it easier to find space at home for a piece of equipment even if your square meters are very limited.
  7. An X-trainer is safer than a treadmill, which is crucial if you have little kids. Voltage of the device is very low or it requires no power at all.
  8. A cross-trainer is truly an economical option that suggests no additional power costs, unlike a treadmill.

Keeping all the mentioned in your mind, remember however, that you can achieve the best results in training not only thanks to the best equipment but your will, persistence and strength of your character.