How Many Calories Are Burned on Elliptical Machine?

Lately a wave of popularity for elliptical machines has struck practically everyone, who is trying to shed extra kilos. If you can’t make up your mind as to the kind of physical activity you’d like to pursue in order to lose weight efficiently, it may be interesting for you to find out how many calories are burned on elliptical machine and what benefits for health and figure this equipment can provide.

Elliptical Machines: Burn Calories & Strengthen Your Heart

how many calories burned on ellipticalTraining on elliptical machines is an excellent cardio workout with high rate of heart beats. Such exercise, therefore, strengthens the heart muscle and reduces the risks of cardiovascular conditions. During every work-out on an elliptical machine you are going to burn the same amount of calories as with a treadmill and twice more than while swimming at moderate pace. Besides, metabolism’s speed in your body will rise and that guarantees burning fatty tissues throughout the whole day after a training, even in the hours when you aren’t exercising!

How Many Calories Burned On Elliptical Machine?

Manufactures claim you can burn up to 720 calories during 1-hour work-out which is, certainly, a more significant result than you can achieve with women’s favorite machines and activities for weight loss – a stationary bicycle (380 calories per hour) or aerobics (405 calories per hour.)

720 calories per hour is a very encouraging number, isn’t it? However, be aware that the number of calories burned on any kind of sport equipment varies from person to person. Actually, we are all different and every organism burns calories as quickly as its metabolism can afford.

Since elliptical machines aren’t new in the market, they have been tested in regards to efficiency in weight loss. The tests have provided the following parameters:

  • Women with weight around 110 lbs burn about 240 calories in 30 minutes.
  • Women with weight around 130 lbs burn about 310 calories in 30 minutes.
  • Women with weight around 155 lbs burn about 390 calories in 30 minutes.

calories burned on ellipticalAs you see, elliptical machines are among the top calorie burners, as even a half an hour work-out provides such promising results. However, keep in mind that in order to lose weight more effectively, it’s recommended to exercise up to 1 hour, since the first 20 minutes your organism is just preparing to melt extra pounds.

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