In today's modern technological world there is no better way to keep you fit than elliptical trainers. What is an elliptical trainer? How does it work, and why is it so beneficial? First of all, elliptical trainers, or cross-trainers, are specially-designed stationary machines for exercising by means of emulating running, walking, or stair climbing without causing too much pressure to the joints, thus decreasing any risk of impact injuries. Cross-trainers resemble treadmills, except for the first offer moving handlebars to increase upper body workouts (good for weight loss), the intensity of which can be varied from light to high depending on the exercise speed and the user-set resistance preference. It's a perfect machine for exercising in a comfortable standing position, with one's spine staying in a neutral one: the weight is well distributed, thus ensuring both smooth and continuous controlled motion. Currently, elliptical trainers are quickly growing in popularity, thus representing the fastest growing fitness equipment category. Finding the right residential or commercial grade cross-trainer can be difficult due to the variety of models on the market, making it hard to determine the brand that will best fit your needs. So, if you're looking for the best elliptical under 1000 that combine both quality and durability, here we present you Top 5 Best Rated Elliptical Trainers that will surely meet your demands. Right now on the market there is a lot of exercise equipments.

Top 5 Best Elliptical Trainers 2012/2013

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer
Old Price:$829.00
New Price:$629.00
It's a high-quality budget machine that incorporates sleek design, construction quality, durability and stability. It makes your workouts fun and invigorating, decreasing strain on lower back and joints. Features: SixStar Certified™ platform; electronic resistance range - 1-10; 14.3 lbs. (6.5 kg) flywheel for smooth ride; ZEROgap™ overlapping pedal motion; low step-on height; MP3 port; built-in Sonic Surround™ speakers; LED display windows - 3 (orange); programming options - 10; target/workout programs - 3/3; custom workout option; weight capacity - 275 lbs. (124.5 kg).
Schwinn 425 Elliptical Trainer (2013)
Old Price:$799.00
New Price:$599.99
One of the most affordable modern elliptical trainers with a user-friendly design, which combines both reliability and durability and delivers a comfortable workout. It incorporates great features in combination with an excellent rating for a moderate price. Features: large LCD window - 5" X 2.25"; articulating footplates; soil workout platform; welded-steel frames; ergonomic handles; 18-inch (45 cm) stride length; AC adaptor powered magnetic resistance - 16 levels; programming options - 10; grip heart rate sensors; speakers; built-in 3-speed fan; mp3/iPod tray; water bottle holder; weight capacity - 300 lbs. (136 kg).
Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer (2013)
Old Price:$999.00
New Price:$699.99
It's an elite exercising machine with a sleek design, which has been made to last. Due to its biochemically correct design (space saving design) you get smooth and natural motion, supporting fitness tests and summary of results. Features: LCD window - 5" X 2.25"; 17.6 lbs (7.9 kg) flywheel; articulating footplates; AC adaptor powered magnetic resistance - 16 levels; programming options - 20; moving & static handlebars; grip heart rate sensors; built-in 3-speed fan; speakers; retractable reading rack; water bottle holder; weight capacity - 300 lbs. (136 kg).
Livestrong Fitness LS10.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer
Old Price:$1,999.00
New Price:$999.00
It's an aesthetic machine that makes the most possible comfort while exercising, thus providing a natural striding motion. This high quality trainer provides optimal body positioning, supported with perfect pedal spacing, comfortable ergonomics and impressive incline options. Features: SixStar Certified™ frame; 23 lbs. (23 kg) flywheel; 20-inch (51 cm) stride length; low step-on height - 11-inch (28 cm); LCD window - 7.5"; programming options - 8; resistance range - 20 levels; built-in Sonic Surround™ speakers; adjustable fitness fan; iPod/ MP3 compatibility; weight capacity - 325 lbs. (147 kg).
Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer
Old Price:$999.00
New Price:$799.99
A brand new Horizon Fitness elliptical trainer that combines excellent value (exceptional performance) & features (easy to use console). Other trainer's benefits include natural stride (smooth & comfortable workout), exceptional warranty, and easy assembly. Features: SixStar Certified™ platform; low step-on height - 10-inch (25 cm); fitness fan; brake resistance - magnetic; electronic resistance range - 1-20; 14.3 lbs. (6.5 kg) flywheel; foot path - 20-inch (51 cm); programming options - 10; MP3 port; headphone output; built-in Sonic Surround™ speakers; weight capacity - 300 lbs. (136 kg).